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How to make 10k per customer

published2 months ago
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Would you like to make $10,000+ per customer instead of $100?

Without selling $10,000+ products/services.

I got this email from Ramit Sethi today.

Guess they're switching course platforms.

While not a recent customer, over the years I've bought 8 of his courses and paid him over $10,000.

His courses are priced from $197 to $10k (I never bought the 10k course.)

And I'm one customer.

He has thousands.

Many of whom bought every course in his catalog, spending well over 20k.

And I don't believe we're outliers.

That's the power of building a relationship through an email list (supported by social selling, short- and long-form content.)

This is something we do for our clients.

And while I can't claim all the credit...

Since we're only one part – copy & creative – of a marketing department...

We conservatively helped Mike Mark produce about $5-7 million over the 3 years we worked together.

Joel Erway's take-home income was close to $600,000... during the pandemic... after his ads stopped working... and we only worked together for 9 months.

For William Brown we booked 900 sales calls over 7 months.

We produced over $300,000 in 3 months for Jay Campbell & Nick Andrews.

And we turned Frank Kern into Kyle Sulerud's reply-guy.

This is what we do.

And we're world class.

We can do the same for you, if you want.

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Note: We offer premium services at premium rates. We don't work with brokies and we only work with people we like.


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